Here you will find all informations in a short english version

...but not less important

First step:

Please fill out the registration form and send it back to till 31.05.2015.

You will find it under "teams" on the right side.

The tournament starts on the 16.07.2015 at 10:00 o´clock and will end on 19.07.2015 around 15:00 o´clock.

You will play minimum 5 games. When we are 20 teams on the tournament. If we are less, we will raise the amount of games.

The teamfee is 350,00 Euro per team.

Please notice, that your registration is complete and fix, when the membership of all the players from the team is verified from the ISPA:


Informations how to pay and all the things you have to know about the ISPA membership, will follow soon.


Because the amount of expected players and family will be so huge it´s almost impossible to put all in the same hotel. If we had blocked a complete hotel we had to prepay it. Discounts are too small to recommend a specific hotel.. But to save you the time we spend we will help you with some informations..

Ameron Regent Hotel Cologne
Melatengürtel 15
3.6 km from venue
Doubble room 15. - 20. around 414€
Breakfast not included (20€)…

Dorint Hotel Cologne
Aachener Strasse 1059-1061
2.1 km from venue
Doubble room 15. - 20. around 395€
Breakfast not included (around 30€)

AAA Budget
Espener Strasse 152
4.5 Km from venue
Doubble room 15. - 20. around 405€
Breakfast included

Triton Hotel
Aachener Strasse 1128
2.7 km from venue
Doubble room 15. - 20. around 455€
Breakfast included

Mercure Cologne West
Horbeller Strasse 1
2.9 km from venue
Doubble room 15. - 20. around 262€
Breakfast not included…/hotel-0705-mercure-hot…/index.shtml

Most Hotels have a "comment space" by booking.. please write SegwayPolo..
So they know we are all playing on the same party.
All prices are investigated by us - mistakes can be possible..

Because of the high breakfast prices we are working on a breakfast service at the venue. If you book without breakfast you can order it also from day to day. If you book with breakfast you will not get money back if you skip it.

AND Cologne is charging a city tax of 5% of the price for staying to pay at the hotel. Some show the tax on their website some not as i know. Don´t be surprised if the final cost is a little higher than you expect.

Hope this will help you - if you have any questions feel free to ask Sonja or me..

We did not asked all if you will be allowed to put your Segway in your room or if they have a special room to fit all hotel Segways. please ask by yourself